Tiny Cuts


As women come up in the world, they absorb continuous little pieces of negative information about their gender. Like a thousand tiny cuts, the words and images that surround women affect how they see themselves.

From the criticisms of celebrities' wardrobe choices to the gender pay gap, instances like this gnaw at me. I struggled with an eating disorder in my twenties, and now in my 30s wonder how much longer I will be visible in our culture. I walk on set and people ask me if I am the publicist. I have been told my work is too pastel. I watch very average men rise in the ranks while my career moves at a seemingly glacial pace.

We need to stop conditioning women that these things are acceptable. How we speak about, present, and treat all women MATTERS.


Written and directed by Corina Marie
Starring Harvey Guillen, Tatiana Leiva, and Samara Kohne
Sound production by Wolf Turner
Hair and makeup by Melissa Oteri-Ferreira
Edited by Corina Marie

© Corina Marie Photography LLC